Thursday, December 07, 2006

Museum Anthropology, Elsewhere

A couple of Museum Anthropology-relevant posts appeared elsewhere today.

The always-relevant-to-us Material World posted an essay on New York City's Museum of Chinese in the Americas by Museum Anthropology's editorial assistant Gabrielle Berlinger.

Savage Minds, the consistently interesting general anthropology blog, offered a post discussing Wired magazine's coverage of the 13th Native American Film and Video Festival organized by the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), an institution of continuing interest to Museum Anthropology contributors and readers.

We also today discovered the Library of Primitive Art "where libraries & museums, art & technology intersect." This blog (which kindly links to Museum Anthropology) seems to be an unofficial companion to the fine Robert Goldwater Library Online Resource, a project of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas program.

As I had hoped when discussing (11/7/2006) the launch of the Material World and Museum Anthropology blogs, there seems to be a productive synergy emerging between the various blogs now active at the overlap of non-western art history, museum anthropology, material culture studies and general anthropology. An analysis of usage patterns indicates that links on these various blogs are leading interested readers to the Museum Anthropology blog. My reciprocal hope is that the links given here will help draw visitors to these other worthwhile projects. Please try the links marked (blog) on the Museum Anthropology sidebar. Thank you to the various weblogs that have given Museum Anthropology a boost.

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Ross said...

Jason, it's a wonder what you'll find linked to one's web site. For the record library of primitive art isn't as much unofficial as it is the personal, behind-the-scenes blog of one of the contributors to It allows me the chance to riff on the library angle behind the blog. I won't say out of hand that it hasn't something to appeal to Museum Anthropology's audience, and I welcome any feedback from readers intrepid (and interested) enough to seek it out, particularly on the nature of e-scholarship (if I may coin that term), e-research, and the interaction of scholars and librarians.