Thursday, August 30, 2007

Museum Anthropology Update

I have not yet fulfilled my promise of a full update on the state of both Museum Anthropology and of Museum Anthropology Review. The still unfolding (and not fully public) story of change in the publications program of the American Anthropological Association make it pretty much impossible for me to say much about the long, medium or even short term realities of the journal. Suffice to say that matters are complicated and not completely settled. For those who cannot wait for official word from the AAA leadership, some sense of the possibilities can be found in this news account.

In the meantime, I can happily report that the next issue of Museum Anthropology (30.2) has appeared ahead of schedule. While subscribers still await their print copies, the issue became available today in AnthroSource, where it can be found here. There are some fine contributions to this issue. I hope that the readership, especially the CMA membership (our sponsors!), finds the issue rewarding.

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