Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pacific Arts Association News

In recent discussions with Virginia-Lee Webb, Research Curator in the Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, we have learned of changes in the publishing program of the Pacific Arts Association (PAA), whose journal is Pacific Arts. In 2006, the journal was relaunched in a new series, with new NS volume numbering (just like the American Anthropologist long ago). Museum Anthropology has recieved the first two volumes in the NS, both appearing in 2006 (part of a catch-up strategy), for review and they are very handsome, with lots of color images, paid advertising, and contributions by a host of scholars well known in the museum anthropology and material culture studies community. If possible, we will offer a full review of the relaunched journal in Museum Anthropology, but these changes seemed worth noting here.

The PAA is still working out plans for the journal in its new format, with Carol Ivory (Washington State University) and Webb serving as interim editors. Ivory, as PAA President, introduces the NS in an editorial appearing in NS 1 and online, on the PAA website, here. Good luck to everyone involved in this new effort.

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