Sunday, September 27, 2009

Native Scholarship & Climate Change

Native Scholarship to Study Coastal Climate Change:
We are soliciting applications for a graduate scholarship directed towards evaluating climate change risks to indigenous cultural sites along North American coasts. We are particularly seeking American Indian and First Nation students with knowledge of indigenous cultural practices to explore these issues. Race or ethnicity will not be used to evaluate and select among the candidates that apply.

The scholarship will fund two years of study in a Master of Science program at Texas A&M University, Department of Ecosystem Science & Management. Program begins in January, June, or August of 2010. Scholarship is valued at approximately $60,000 over a two‐year period. Awards are approximated at $2,000 per month directed to the scholar. Health and dental insurance is included; remaining funds are distributed for tuition support, travel, and research supplies.

Course of Study:
Successful applicants will work with Dr. Rusty Feagin of Texas A&M University and Dr. David Hurst Thomas of the American Museum of Natural History. Students will create ranked listings of indigenous cultural sites at the highest risk for destruction from climate change impacts; including current in‐use places as well as areas of archaeological significance along North American coastlines. Students are expected to develop research in climate change impacts on coastal regions, the preservation of indigenous cultural sites, and the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to address both natural and social science questions. The scholarship will also enable participation at meetings of the Coastal Barrier Island Network (CBIN), a National Science Foundation‐funded Research Coordination Network in Biological Sciences.

Application Procedure:
Please send a single file that contains:
1. A cover letter that explains your interest in this scholarship.
2. A CV or resume.
3. Contact information for three references, addressed to Dr. Rusty Feagin at:

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by October 30, 2009. For any questions, contact Dr. Rusty Feagin at:

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