Friday, February 12, 2010

CMA Student Travel Award

The CMA Board has created this new prize -- Check it out and pass the word!

The CMA Travel Awards are designed to support student travel to the annual AAA meeting to present papers and/or posters. Students and recent PhDs (those who have defended within the year of the award) are eligible to apply. CMA will award two prizes of $500 each.

Applications are due on September 1 of the given year. A brief letter of application must indicate the applicant’s status as a student or recent PhD holder, and explain how this paper/poster relates to their ongoing graduate work or current work as a recent PhD. Applicants must include a copy of the abstract for the paper or poster, the name and abstract for the session in which they will be presenting, and proof of acceptance for presentation at AAA. All applicants must also submit a letter of endorsement from a present or former academic advisor at their most recent institution of study. Prize-winners will be announced at the AAA Annual Meeting and presented with a certificate of the award.

Evaluation Criteria: (1) Creativity: Is the paper or poster a unique and novel contribution to museum anthropology? (2) Commitment: Does the student demonstrate a commitment to the field of museum anthropology? (3) Impact: Does the paper or poster have the potential to develop into a work that could more broadly impact the field of museum anthropology?

A three-person prize committee of CMA members, headed by a committee chair, will be constituted by the current CMA President at the annual AAA Board of Directors meeting each year, and formally announced by January 15 annually, with the addresses of each committee member publicized.

To enter work in the 2010 competition, send one copy of the application packet by the deadline of September 1, 2010, to each of the following Student Travel Prize Committee members: Joshua Bell, (address forthcoming); Margaret Bruchac, 63 Franklin Street, Northampton, MA 01060; and Daniel Swan, (address forthcoming).

Any questions should be directed to the prize committee chair at

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