Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness

From a news release:

HERSKOVITS AT THE HEART OF BLACKNESS is the third title in California Newsreel's monthly preview series. We invite our colleagues to view the film for free before making a purchase for your school, library, conference or organization.

About the film:

*Organization of American Historians Erik Barnouw Award Honorable Mention Recipient
*Winner, 2009 John O'Connor Film Award of the American Historical Association
*Winner, Best Documentary, Hollywood Black Film Festival

Is there a politics of knowledge? Who controls what knowledge is produced and how it will be used? Is there “objective” scholarship and, if so, how does it become politicized? These questions are examined through this groundbreaking film on the life and career of Melville J. Herskovits (1895-1963), the pioneering American anthropologist of African Studies and one of the most controversial intellectuals of the 20th century. How did this son of Jewish immigrants come to play such a decisive role in the shaping of modern African American and African identities? Herskovits emerges as an iconic figure in on-going debates in the social sciences over the ethics of representation and the right of a people to represent themselves.

Read more about the documentary here.

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