Friday, July 09, 2010

First Annual South-Central Conference on Mesoamerica

Dear friends and colleagues -

It has come to my attention that some of you may not have received this
message; if you already have, please forgive the email clutter!
We are pleased to announce that the University of Texas at San Antonio will be
hosting the First Annual South-Central Conference on Mesoamerica on November 6
and 7, 2010.

You may be familiar with the Midwest and Northeast conferences on Mesoamerica
and the Andes, which are our models for the South-Central Conference. We hope
this will be a venue where scholars, students, and the interested public from
across the region can come together to share ideas, information, and
interpretations. There will be no registration fee, and we will try to
accommodate as many papers as possible. We hope this will become an annual
conference that will rotate among hosting institutions across the region.
In celebration of the conference's inaugural year, we are coordinating with an
exhibit curated by Jennifer Mathews at Trinity University's Neidorff Art
Gallery. The exhibit is entitled "Crafting Maya Identity: Contemporary Wood
Sculptures from Yucatán, México." On Friday, November 5, Trinity will host a
lecture by Dr. Jeff Kowalski entitled "Art versus Artifact: Great Divide,
Cultural Continuum, or Institutional Category?" as well as a gallery tour and

We are setting up a website for the conference where we will post a call for
papers, schedule, directions, etc. It should be fully operational by
mid-August, and we will send along the address at that point. If you know of
interested people who did not receive this email, please have them send their
email address to Jason Yaeger (
Please let us know if you have any questions, and please pass this email
around to any interested parties. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio
this Fall.

M. Kathryn Brown, Laura Levi, and Jason Yaeger

[Ed note: For more on the art exhibit mentioned on Maya carvings, see here and here.]

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