Friday, March 10, 2017

Call for Research Projects: Center for Experimental Museology

Center for Experimental Museology (CEM) is calling for research projects. 
February 25–April 21, 2017 

CEM is a self-organized non-profit organization. It derives from issues such as innovations of soviet avant-garde museology, the history of experimental exhibition design and speculation about the possible impact of the museum and art in the development of humankind according to Russian Cosmism. We aim to dig deep and gather data, information and knowledge related to the museum as a medium, an institution, and an agent. Through historical or futuristic perspectives, through fiction or fact, we strive to reflect on the many multidisciplinary intersections within the body and nature of a museum, to collect the findings and to create a network of contributors to the topic. More in our blog.

One of the projects CEM is currently working on is the exhibition Moscow diaries, a collaboration with the Museum of American Art in Berlin. The exhibition is dedicated to the Kazemir Malevich room in the Cubism and Abstract Art show at MoMA, curated by Alfred Barr, and a Moscow display of the artist's works at Tretyakov Gallery in 1920s by Alexey Fedorov-Davydov.

We call for researchers in all fields of humanities internationally. 

We offer financial and administrative support, which can be aimed at those willing to conduct research in Russia or abroad within the period April 21, 2017–April 21, 2018. Offered financial support depends on the required budget for each project and includes travel and accommodation expenses. Administrative support includes help with Russian-language related issues (making appointments and conducting correspondence, etc.). 

Deadline: April 21, 2017

Please submit (in English or in Russian and in a single PDF format) at cem [ at ]
–Research project description (1 page max) 
–Preliminary research plan with timeline and expected budget 

Project proposals will be reviewed by members of CEM and selected projects will be announced by May 1, 2017. As an outcome of the research project, we will ask you to contribute to a publication with an essay (20 pages min) on the topic of research conducted. CEM is produced by V-A-C Foundation. 

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