Monday, July 10, 2006

Digital Exhibitions Reviewed in MUA 29(1)

The following websites and digital media projects were reviewed in Museum Anthropology volume 29, number 1 (spring 2006). They are noted here with URLs as a service to readers, but the editorial staff can not guarantee that the links provided will remain active. [They were the active links at the time the project was reviewed.] A similar list for those projects reviewed in the forthcoming issue, 29(2), will be provided once the issue is published. Thank you to all the many tallented reviewers who helped initiate this journal feature.

Weaving in the Margins: Navajo Men as Weavers

The Respect for Bill Reid Pole

Chinese Textiles from the Collections of the Field Museum

Ara Irititja: Protecting the Past, Accessing the Future- Indigenous Memories in a Digital Age

Sounds from the Vault

Staying in Tune: Traditions and Musical Instruments of the Francophonie

Creativity and Resistance: Maroon Cultures in the Americas

Prehistoric Cultures From North America: The Woodland and Mississippian Traditions

The Ancient Greek World

Bodies of Culture: A World Tour of Body Modification

Drawing on Identity: Inkameep Day School and Art Collection