Monday, September 18, 2006

"Power & Taboo" at the British Museum

"Power & Taboo: Sacred Objects from the Pacific" at the British Museum
September 28 - January 7, 2006
Admission Free

Power & Taboo explores the power of the gods in the Polynesian islands of the eastern Pacific. Displaying part of the British Museum’s remarkable early collections from this region, and illustrated with images made in the early part of European settlement (1760-1860), the exhibition investigates Polynesian ideas about the gods and how to manage their powers. Rare
examples of feathered cloaks and valuable ornaments of jade and ivory from islands such as Aotearoa New Zealand, Rapa Nui Easter Island and Hawaii are also included in the exhibition. Many of these objects had a lasting influence on 20th century artists such as Henry Moore and Pablo Picasso.

[From the British Museum website.]

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