Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Museum Blogs

I just noticed that CMA Vice President Alex W. Barker and his colleagues at the Museum of Art and Archaeology (MAA) at the University of Missouri (Alex is the museum's director) have a museum-specific blog for their institution called Musings. It looks great. The recent content includes a shout out to Ms. Jacobson's seventh grade class and a thoughtful essay reflecting on the museum-generalizable lessons of the Lawrence Small resignation at the Smithsonian. Blogs certainly are flexible and diverse!

I noted the MAA site when I saw that it, like Museum Anthropology Review, had now been added to the wonderful list at MuseumBlogs.org. MuseumBlogs.org is a kind of meta-blog for museums, just as antropologi.info is for anthropology. The Museum Anthropology blog and Museum Anthropology Review are both now accessible in (tracked by) both of these valuable services.

There are hundreds of museum related blogs now. It will be interesting to see where this phenomena goes as technologies and societies both continue to change.

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