Friday, September 14, 2007

More on PRISM

Those wishing for a one-stop overview of the PRISM/AAP controversey may wish to consult the essay by Jennifer Howard appearing now in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The story contains links to some of the most important documents and commentary on the matter. It is worth noting that the American Anthropological Association is not a member of the American Association of Publishers, but that at least one vendor with whom we have worked in the past is a member and that the membership also includes publishers withwhom the AAA has been in discussions about future partnerships.

Among the most compelling documents, for me, are Tom Wilson's resignation from the editorial board of the International Journal of Information Management, a journal that he himself founded, and the objections made by Mike Rossner, Executive Director of Rockefeller University Press. Rossner, beyond critiquing the fallicies of the PRISM position, has demanded that PRISM note that not all AAP member organizations support the PRISM effort. I suspect that Wilson's resignation will not be the last such move, as more and more scholars recognize the failings and abuses of the current scholarly publishing system. Hopefully other presses and associations, despite their percieved self-interests, will follow Rossner and object to at least some facets of the PRISM program.

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