Friday, May 02, 2008

Museum Anthropology 31(1)

I am pleased to report two sightings of the much anticipated Spring 2008 issue of Museum Anthropology [=31(1)]. Yesterday I noticed its digital presence inside Blackwell Synergy, (one of) the digital publishing platform(s) of the journal's new publishing partner Wiley-Blackwell. I do not know how many people have access to the journal via this route, but the at least the Table of Contents and Abstracts (and various typographic irregularities) are accessible via this route. From the printer today I recieved advance paper copies, which suggests that CMA members and other print edition subscribers should see copies in the mailboxes (or on library shelves) soon. Unfortunately, as of a moment ago, it was not yet present inside AnthroSource. Thanks go to all of the authors and peer-reviewers who make the journal possible.

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