Monday, March 16, 2009

Memory, Identity and Cultural Change

A Call for Papers Submitted for Posting by Annette Fromm:

Memory, Identity and Cultural Change: Call for Papers

We invite a few high quality contributions for a proposed special section of the journal Theory, Culture and Society on the theme Memory, Identity and Cultural Change.

This proposed special section will consider the role of memories in challenging or shaping socio-cultural and political narratives and counter narratives at the individual, community or national levels. Papers might explore how memories can be appropriated or kept alive for political purposes, to reinforce a 'sense of place' or to create a unified story for cultures. They might also consider the location, contexts and effects of remembering, exploring who is doing the remembering, why and with what results. Finally, the impacts of memories on individual or communities' sense of ownership of the past and their role in the shaping of the present may also be examined.

Papers are therefore invited that address any of the following:

• The reclaiming of cultural memories, sacred memories and stolen memories
• How memory can operate as a powerful discourse, silencing certain narratives about the past and privileging others
• The normalising role of memory especially within postcolonial contexts
• Memory shaping within cultural institutions and organisations such as museums
• The role of memory, myth and storytelling in tourist - orientated performance

Interested contributors should submit abstracts of 500 words to the editors of the proposed special section (see details below) as soon as possible and by 24th March 2009.

The following is a proposed time frame:
Abstract submission – 24 March 2009
Initial Acceptance – 31st March, 2009
Full paper submission – 1 June 2009

Special section editors:

Elizabeth Carnegie. An ethnologist and oral historian, her research interests include the politics of representation within museums, cultural identity and public memory, and festivity and religion in contemporary society

Contact details:
Programme Director Arts and Culture Management
Sheffield University Management School,
9 Mappin Street, Sheffield. S1 4DT.

Dr. Donna Chambers: main research areas include cultural/heritage tourism with special interest in discourse and postcolonial theories

Contact details:
Lecturer in Tourism Studies
Programme Director International Event Management
University of Surrey

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