Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Field Museum - Climate Change

Field Museum Summer Exhibition Explores Climate Change – Its Causes, Effects, and Solutions

June 25–November 28, 2010

Media Preview: Friday, June 25 at 10am

Overview: The Field Museum’s special summer exhibition, Climate Change, explores the impact of climate change and its effects on our oceans, atmosphere, land, and societies. Discover how even small, individual changes add up quickly to help reduce global warming and learn about alternative energy sources that can eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels. Examine the inside of a pebble-bed nuclear reactor, see how the sun’s energy can be used through new types of solar panels, and learn how carbon dioxide may someday be captured and buried underground. Learn how a combination of efforts – individual, societal, and governmental – can make an impact in reducing climate change.

Exhibition Sponsor: Sponsored by Exelon Corporation, Motorola Foundation, HSBC - North America, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Whole Foods Market.

American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with The Field Museum, Chicago; the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, United Arab Emirates; The Cleveland Museum of Natural History; Instituto Sangari, São Paulo, Brazil; Junta de Castilla y León, Spain; Korea Green Foundation, Seoul; Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen; Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico; and the Saint Louis Science Center.

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