Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent Heritage and Society Published

Heritage & Society volume 4, number 1
Elizabeth Chilton and Neil A. Silberman

From the Editors

Our Heritage, Our Future - Archaeology and the Interessment of Desires Jean Dennison
Documenting Pastoral Landscapes - Connecting Archaeology, History, and Communities Steve Brown
Civil Society Action in the Field of Cultural Heritage - A European Perspective Sigrid Van der Auwera and Annick Schramme
Treasure Bearers - Personal Foundations for Effective Leadership in Northern Coast Salish Heritage Stewardship John R. Welch , Dana Lepofsky, Megan Caldwell , Georgia Combes, and Craig Rust

Intangible Heritage and Sustainable Development - Realistic Outcome or Wishful Thinking? Sophia Labadi, Forum Editor
Challenges to Sustaining Intangible Cultural Heritage Rosabelle Boswell
Peopling Places, Storying Spaces - Heritage Sustaining Human Development? Marilyn C. Truscott
A Gandhi Turning Point for ICH
Rahul Goswami

From the Editors donald F. Craib and susan forbes
ICOMOS — Tolerance for Change Initiative
UNESCO Recommendation — Historic Urban Landscape (HUL)
U.S. Ratifies Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
China Considers Law to Protect Intangible Cultural Heritage

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