Monday, November 14, 2011

Opening: Curator of Archaeology

Job Title: CURATOR OF ARCHEOLOGY (Curator-Advanced) (#4481) - DCA
Closing Date/Time: Sat. 12/10/11 11:59 PM Mountain Time
Salary: $16.37 - $29.10 Hourly
$34,049.60 - $60,528.00 Annually

Job Type: Permanent Position
Location: Santa Fe (City), New Mexico
Department: Department of Cultural Affairs

Purpose of Position
The Curator of Archeology is a professional position necessary to carry out research leading to interpretive exhibitions, publications and educational programming on the archaeological collections pertaining to the Greater Southwest, in particular the State of New Mexico. The Curator of Archeology has the primary responsibility for compliance with the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990. This involves ongoing tribal consultations regarding repatriation claims and determining the cultural affiliation of individual ancestral human remains and funerary objects in the collections. The Curator of Archeology reports directly to the Museum Director

Occupation Description
Administer affairs of museum and conduct research programs. Direct instructional, research, and public service activities of institution.

Nature of Work
Curators direct the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections, including negotiating and authorizing the purchase, sale, exchange, or loan of collections. They are also responsible for authenticating, evaluating, and categorizing the specimens in a collection. Curators often oversee and help conduct the institution's research projects and related educational programs. Today, an increasing part of a curator's duties involves fund raising and promotion, which may include the writing and reviewing of grant proposals, journal articles, and publicity materials, as well as attendance at meetings, conventions, and civic events. Curators usually handle objects with cultural, biological, or historical significance, such as sculptures, textiles, and paintings.

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