Thursday, March 22, 2007

Review Essay: Darwin on Display

The new issue of Museum Anthropology, [30(1)], which has just arrived in my snail mail box, also includes, in addition to the two articles previously highlighted here (and here), a rich, extended review essay of the Darwin exhibition organized by the American Museum of Natural History and now circulating to many large natural history museums. The review was undertaken by a team led by Haidy Geismar, known to many of us for her fine editorial work on the Material World blog. Working with Haidy were a group of students from her museum anthropology graduate seminar at New York University. The review can be found online in AnthroSource here.

The authors of this great essay are: Haidy Geismar, Lindsay Anderberg, Miranda Appelbaum, Jamieson Bunn, Cristina Diaz-Carrera, Robert Forloney, Sarah Malaika, Erin McLaughlin, Kristen Olson Eckman, Kathryn Osborn, Laura Potts, and Regina Richter.

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